Stéphane - Maitre crêpier

Stéphane Morissaud, gérant Crêperie du Port Galland Saint Maurice de Gourdans 01800 . Sortie Pérouges A42. Meximieux Loyettes , Pont de Cheruy , Amberieu , Pérouges , Beynost

The origin of this restaurant: A Stephane dream kid, breton born in Guérande (44). After a military career, Stéphane decides to carry out this project in which few believed in 2002. A breton creperie in Ain, what a strange idea! To do this he returned to Brittany to train at the school of master crepe Maure de Bretagne.

For nearly 15 years, this little corner of Brittany, as says the slogan of the restaurant, is a change of scenery for a clientele of local regulars but also of lyonnais or holidaymakers. It is a place of healing for the bretons exiled from their dear Brittany.

Everything here is breton: the chef of course, with its typical character, the music, the decor, and the main: homemade pancakes homes (pasta and toppings) and Breton beverages...

The bretons having always been great travellers, la crêperie offers you time of discovery of other cultures, other thoughts, other music, other flavors sometimes, through concerts, exhibitions, evenings theme.

Come on! fairly discussed, we are waiting for you!

Two rooms - two terraces

Handicapped access

The cultural events

The Port Galland crêperie is a space open to cultural and festive activities:
  • The concept of Crep'concert has emerged at the outset in 2002: purely Celtic music in its infancy we then opened to other musical styles: pop' rock, french song, lyrical world music...
  • Exhibitions of painting, sculptures with sometimes discovery of practice.
  • Evening tales
  • Humoristic shows
  • Presentations of collections of fashion in collaboration with local shops.
  • A Christmas market
You want produce you, exhibit your works... contact us.